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Saigon Tourism College is a specialized institution in Tourism located in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. With over 30 years of experience in training personnel for the Tourism industry, the College has provided over 40,000 employees in Tourism Management, Travel & Hotel Management, Tour Guiding (both international and domestic)

The 70% practical training program with experienced lecturers helps students be equipped with in-depth and practical knowledge, meeting the needs of the labor market while still in school. The college also assists students in finding employment during their studies at College and postgraduation.

3 Main reasons

for you to choose to study at
Saigon Tourism College

Curriculum 70% practice, 30% theory

2.5 years
time and costs

100% of students are offered jobs after graduation

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Tour Guide

You will become an International and Domestic Tour Guide, exploring various regions and countries.

Travel Management

You will become a Program Manager for International and Domestic Tourism markets or a Tourism Product Designer for Tour Operators.

Hotel management

You will be a professional manager working in 3-5 star Hotels and restaurants and can achieve remarkable success in various fields.

Cooking techniques

With a 90% practice program, you will become a brilliant Chef at professional Hotels and Restaurants and will quickly advance to Executive Chef.


Elementary-level training program

– Training and issuance of elementary-level certificates that meet the Tourist accommodation Rating system according to “National Standard TCVN 4391:2015 Hotel – Classification”.

– Enhancing knowledge and skills for department heads and staff in accommodation establishments.

– The course is designed to be flexible and suitable for in-service training.

The Programs include:

  • Hotel Management
  • Restaurant Management
  • Kitchen Management
  • Front Office Operations
  • Restaurant Operations
  • Beverage Preparation Operations
  • Housekeeping Operations
  • Asian – European Cuisine Cooking Techniques
  • Vietnamese Cuisine Cooking Techniques

Training program to meet the professional requirements according to the Tourism Law 2017

– Certificate in Tour Management:

  • Review and examination of Domestic/International Tour Management skills
  • Training in Domestic/International Tour Management skills

– Certificate of Professional Guidance:

  • Review and examination of Domestic/International Tour Guiding skills
  • Skill enhancement for Domestic/International Tour Guiding
  • Updating knowledge for Domestic/International Tour Guides (card replacement)
  • On-site Tour Guiding skills

– Certificate in Tourism Service for Transport Personnel:

  • Tourism service skills for captains and crew on domestic watercraft and tourist vehicles (new issuance)
  • Tourism service skills for captains and crew on domestic watercraft and tourist vehicles (Certificate renewal – replacement)

Training Program tailored to the Needs of Departments of Tourism/ Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism/ Tourism Promotion Center/ Department of Culture and Information and other departments

Program and duration are designed according to needs.

– Tailored to the target audience and budget of the requesting unit.

– Training locally.

Programs include:

  • Tourism knowledge training courses
  • Professional training courses
  • Training courses for other skills

Training program aligned with business requirements

Program and duration are designed according to demand.

– Suitable for the target audience and cost of the requesting unit.

– Advise localities and businesses on implementing local tourism development projects.

– Direct training at the unit.


According to specific requirements for enterprises, organizations, agencies, delegations, departments, committees, and related sectors in the tourism industry, Saigon Tourism College with a team of lecturers who are actively working in the industry with over 10 years of experience in Tourism, Hotels, Restaurants, etc., will provide training programs for personnel working in the tourism industry to enhance the quality of their work.

In addition, we will coordinate with organizations to organize training courses and consulting projects to set up tourism – hotel – restaurant – and resort sectors, helping businesses develop sustainably and effectively. Besides, we consult localities and businesses in implementing tourism development projects, as well as providing strategic recommendations in the tourism sector.


We organize collaborative training, personnel recruitment, and some seminars in Tourism, Hotels, Restaurants,… with international partners.


Corporate Relations Department


Consulting & Training Center